Thursday, May 17, 2007

Old Dogs New Tricks - Direct Response Offline Vs Online

It has been said, (admittidly by new media advocates) that traditional direct responce is a bit like,
'fireing a gun and waiting a month to see if you have hit anything'

The new way is Cheaper, Faster and has low risk which can be seen if comparing the two.

Old way:

  • Gather some data off line (£1 per response)
  • Capture it, normalise it, load it.
  • Create a mailing file
  • Prepare a mail piece
  • Send it out and wait
  • And wait
  • And wait
  • Then take the results (which by now are out of date and about as accurate as a blind man playing darts) and do it all again.

New way:

  • Set up a paid search/affiliate programme
  • Pay a fixed cost per conversion
  • Optimise the web conversion process
  • Go home

By tea time on Thursday you will know more about what is going on with your online campaign than you ever will offline.

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