Thursday, May 17, 2007

Old Dogs New Tricks - Direct Response Offline Vs Online

It has been said, (admittidly by new media advocates) that traditional direct responce is a bit like,
'fireing a gun and waiting a month to see if you have hit anything'

The new way is Cheaper, Faster and has low risk which can be seen if comparing the two.

Old way:

  • Gather some data off line (£1 per response)
  • Capture it, normalise it, load it.
  • Create a mailing file
  • Prepare a mail piece
  • Send it out and wait
  • And wait
  • And wait
  • Then take the results (which by now are out of date and about as accurate as a blind man playing darts) and do it all again.

New way:

  • Set up a paid search/affiliate programme
  • Pay a fixed cost per conversion
  • Optimise the web conversion process
  • Go home

By tea time on Thursday you will know more about what is going on with your online campaign than you ever will offline.

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

If in doubt... clap! - Setting the Online scene

Before running headlong into the online marketing foray it seems useful to touch on the way the digital market place has changed life as we knew it.

Remember when:
  • You last used yellow pages
  • You looked something up in a encyclopedia
  • You searched shops for rare books
  • You sold something in the back of the local paper

The Internet has changed the way we live it gives us :

  • More information
  • More choice
  • More convenience

In 1998 Google was born, in the last year it has earnt more in ad revenue than channel 4, so in just 8 years it has gone from a project started off in a garage to one of the most powerful media forces in the world. The pace of change is frightening, it is difficult to remember how we did certain things before we had the internet, although at the same time strugling to keep up with the way it is constantly changing. Rupert Murdoch documents this when he says,

'My two young daughters will be digital natives. They'll never know a world without broadband internet.'

This shift is happening now, there is mass land grabbing going on in the digital scene, and it is important for all genres of marketers to get there share otherwize they will be left behind Martin Sorell (who originaly publicly declared the internet to be a fad) said,

'Traditional media owners can no longer afford to hold off going digital because the shift from old to new media is not going to happen in the next generation. It is happening now and is strong rapid and large.'

If that doesn't convince you look at the Shift Happens entry.

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